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April 6, 2018
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April 16, 2018


Setting up your business and then waiting for the clients to come in and flood you with money can be a dream but not reality.

Many of the startups and businesses begin with investing money into the business and start marketing through the wrong channels.

What happens then is that they lose tons of money and get less than 1% ROI. Things can’t run this way when  you have to pay rent, employee’s salary, overhead charges, marketing and advertising costs and much more. This is when you sit down and think how you can win more clients to run your business successfully.

The first step would be,


1. Hire Digital marketing agency

After you set up your business, you need to create your online presence across the internet. This can be done by hiring a digital marketing agency in Pakistan that can  take over your burden of finding the best web designing services in Pakistan and also seo agency or video marketing company in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad.

A digital marketing agency can offer you one stop solution for your online marketing needs. So, invest your marketing budget wisely.


2. Website showcase your portfolio

Many businesses do not see the untapped opportunities that an online presence can capture for their business. When you pay for an adspot in your local newspaper, you don’t know how many people you can reach who are actually interested in your services. You also can not track the number of people who read and take actions.

However, a website helps you to keep the track of your audience through integrating Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an advance tool that helps the website owners to see,

  • How many people are visiting their website?
  • In which services they are taking interests?
  • How many people stayed on the website for long time?
  • How many people bounced back?

It also tells many other important parameters that can help you to understand more about your business. If you already have a website made in 90’s then it is the time to rethink about website redesigning in Pakistan. Now, there are platforms such as WordPress for web design, where you wouldn’t need a website developer to make small changes in your website. Such CMS, offers flexibility and easy to handle web designing services in Pakistan.


3. SEO brings new clients

Remember to ask your web development company about Mobile friendly and SEO optimized website design. In 2018, you need to follow latest web designing trends in Pakistan. You just can’t have a static website and think that you can acquire clients with an outdated design.

Once your website is developed, you need to invest in Search engine optimization services. The SEO services helps your business to get visible on the internet.

When people look for your business online, it is the SEO strategy of a website that increases your likelihood to be shown in the search results. It also helps your website to get more eyeballs when people search about the services you are offering.


4. Optimized content gets more visibility

Another way, a digital marketing agency can help you to get more exposure in the search results is through SEO optimized content. Your copywriter may write content for your website but it wouldn’t be SEO optimized content.

A seo expert in Pakistan can help you to create an SEO optimized content for your website. This is not limited to your website copy, in fact a SEO expert in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad will help to create optimized posts, images and multimedia for your website.

This way you become the market leader in your industry online. Hence, SEO and web designing services in Pakistan, drastically increases your chances to acquire more clients.


5. Video Marketing helps to attract online audience

Another way to capture the attention of your audience is to invest in a whiteboard video in Pakistan. An explainer video or whiteboard animation video helps to grasp and retain the attention of the target audience.

A whiteboard video is an interactive way to tell your customers that how your business can help them in finding the right solutions for their problems.

White board videos in Pakistan are trending in 2018. These whiteboard animated videos made in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad can be a unique way to attract your audience and gain new clients.




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