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July 2, 2018
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February 12, 2022

Everyday, there are new startups emerging, entrepreneurs getting into new opportunities and companies looking for more business. All of these at some stage in their business may realize that how important it is to have a website for their business.

Your website is going to be the face of your brand or business online. That is why, you should invest in making your brand digitally beautiful and attractive. This means investing in a web design company to create your online persona.

But choosing a web design company is not easy for someone who does not have technical background. When you search online for an affordable web design company  if you can afford high priced website designing. You may have plethora of options to choose from.

3 Questions That You Must Ask First

Every company stating that they are the best website developers and designers makes it difficult to choose. Moreover, the portfolio also looks promising. But instead of jumping down to a company by just looking at their online portfolio, it is important to ask these 3 questions that we are going to tell in this article below.

So, the first question that you must ask a web design company before hiring is,

Have you done any project before that has similar goals?

By asking this question you can analyze their approach to facing difficulties and challenges. You can ask them to show web designs that have similar goals. This way you can see their work related to your business and can ask questions that can help you to understand your visitors. You can also ask them the challenges that they have faced while building such websites.  

In case, they have not built any website in your industry before even then you can ask the challenges that they have faced in developing a certain website and how they overcame that challenge.

How will we measure the results?

This question is a bit technical in nature. But you can easily gauge their understanding of this question if they talk about bounce rate, page views,unique visits, average time on site, search-engine rankings, conversion rate, etc. If they start telling you jargons that you are actually not familiar of then ask them for an explanation in simple English for your understanding.

What if I want to make changes later?

You need to be upfront before hiring a web development company for designing your business website. Over the time, the trends changes and you may need to do few modifications in the content or design. Some agencies charges hourly for a change in design while others may charge you on the basis of your requirements. Asking this question beforehand will help you to avoid any miscommunication in the future.

By asking such questions, you are able to see if the web design company is the right fit for you not. This also helps in setting up expectations for future meetings. Overall, research first and take your time in deciding the company with which you would like to work.