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Brand AdvoKates is a premier SEO company with its operations and services spanning across UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We have secured a reputable position in the IT sector as we are listed amongst leading search engine optimization companies in Dubai. Our portfolio encompasses local and international projects that have been completed by experienced SEO experts working at Brand AdvoKates. “We provide premium SEO services to companies based in UAE and those operating internationally.” Brand AdvoKates possess a set of experienced, highly dedicated and professional Dubai based SEO service consultants and specialists who have the ability to cater the needs of their clients from outside of UAE and within. Our SEO specialists possess years of experience for all your seo needs. Our seo company in Dubai follows white hat techniques to provide optimized SEO services that provide guaranteed results and to make you stand out amongst others in UAE. Furthermore, we are also known as an experienced and reliable company for providing seo contracting services in Dubai. Our SEO specialists ensure that you receive the most beneficial information and services that are available in UAE for the prosperity of your company.


Our seo company is amongst the experienced SEO agency in Dubai providing services that are truly reflective of your goals and ambitions. Moreover, we employ a plethora of standardized and diverse SEO services to make sure your company's message reaches out to a vast market inside UAE as well as internationally. Our SEO services are highly effective across UAE. That is why we are known as amongst the “best SEO Company and leading Seo agency in Dubai.” Looking for SEO Company in Dubai? Our SEO experts provide a range of services such as SEO audit, keyword discovery, page level competitive analysis, submission of XML sitemap, Robots.txt and Google Analytics reports etc. We implement latest seo strategies to rank the website high and increase its visibility on search engines. Owing to our big and successful project portfolio, Brand AdvoKates has been ranked amongst the top Seo service providing company operating in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our SEO company in Dubai provides services that are aimed to increase your websites visibility to the target audience inside UAE and abroad.

Submit Sitemap

TIP NO. 1: CHECK AND ENSURE AVAILABILITY ON GOOGLE Many webmasters set up a website, compose blind texts, use graphics and are surprised that nobody gets to the website as a visitor. The problem may not be that all of this was poorly implemented, but a small but fine aspect in the source code. Important: The Google robots need a signal to crawl and index your website. Without this, search engine optimization is worth nothing. The so-called noindex tag is set in the source text , which looks like this: Don't know which side has this tag? Then make it easy on yourself and start a site query using the Google search bar. All you have to do here is enter the search term " " to see whether others see your offer. Alternatively, we recommend using the Google Search Console, which was also known in the past as "Google Webmaster Tools". There you will find all URLs and their status on Google. A first measure for search engine optimization would be to take a close look at the URLs displayed here as incorrect. Tip: Within the Google Search Console there is also a URL tool that is used for checking. Information such as the respective result of the crawl, the last date of this measure and further details can be found here!

Keywords Optimization

TIP NO. 2: CHOOSE THE RIGHT KEYWORDS (SEARCH TERMS) FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION The more information you have in text form on your website, the better Google can get a picture of your website. Keywords are one of the central tools in search engine optimization. The more significant and relevant they are, the better. What is "relevant" can be determined by checking what users are actually looking for and how often they do it. Important keywords that match the core message of the text should be integrated in the following areas if possible: (possibly all) headings file names Meta Description and Meta Title ALT attributes of images This means that researching and analyzing keywords takes a lot of time and patience. There are various influencing factors that have to be taken into account. On the one hand, the frequency of search queries, i.e. the search volume. Then semantically comparable terms, i.e. synonyms, typos and the like. There is also a distinction between singular and plural, and keywords also have different conversion rates. Last but not least, topicality-related keywords help to increase visibility. A look at the websites of the competition also helps to better classify what is “en vogue” in terms of search engine optimization. SEO experts like Suchhelden invest a lot of time and know-how in proper keyword research in order to do SEO with the right focus. A first overview of what is currently trending on Google is provided by a look at the free tool “Google Trends”. Tip: It is not enough to simply use all relevant keywords and hope to increase your ranking. Search engine optimization using keyword stuffing turns negative, not only technically, but also from the reader's point of view. What is meant are unnatural accumulations of keys, possibly not correctly adapted grammatically and used as often as desired. The Google quality criteria ensure that such a website is penalized. For guidance on what is "good," see the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

SSL Certificate

TIP NO. 3: ENSURE A SECURE DATA CONNECTION USING SSL In view of the growing need for data protection and data security, both privately and professionally, https should be understood as the new standard. In practically every browser there is now a warning about websites that can still be reached via simple http. Therefore, in the course of search engine optimization, start integrating an SSL certificate to ensure https connections. Speaking of which: We know from practice that the bounce rate is significantly higher for sites without SSL encryption. This not only reduces the chance of a lead, but also has a negative effect on your ranking on Google. TIP NO. 4: PAGE SPEED RESP. OPTIMIZE THE LOADING TIME OF THE WEBSITE Within the SEO community, there is even a sub-area called Page Speed ​​Optimization that aims to improve the loading time of a website. It is clear that slow or sluggish loading websites are a negative factor. The visitors jump off, precisely because they are used to getting all the information very quickly from other sites. And these form the standard that is also transferred to your website. In short, a cluttered, hard-to-read website does more harm than good. Mainly because more and more users access websites almost exclusively via mobile devices. Therefore, not only a responsive web design is mandatory, but also an optimization to exactly the needs of that target group. If you want to optimize search engines using page speed or website loading time, use the 3-second rule as a guide. The "Google PageSpeed ​​Insights" program provides information about the average performance. Here you will find suggestions with which you can quickly improve the loading time of your website. It's worth a look!

Content is King

TIP NO. 5: ADDED VALUE THROUGH HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT You probably know the famous saying “ Content is King!”. Because this claim basically describes what the Internet is about. You need to produce unique, well-researched content to rank high in Google SERPs. This became more than clear back in 2011, when the Panda update became known at the time. Google has thus clearly communicated that websites with bad content will also be graded accordingly in the rankings. Quite simply because they offer no added value. Therefore: Better to do it correctly and well than just “crumbling away” and hoping that this has something to do with effective search engine optimization. It makes sense to deal with a change of perspective in order to look at your own website from the user's point of view. What would you be looking for specifically? What information is important, what is more of an "accessory"? These and many other factors influence it. High-quality content is characterized by the fact that it is written and structured appropriately for the target group; is unique and adds value; answers readers' questions and does not raise any new questions (except: impulses); directly addresses all those who are actually meant; Has headings, paragraphs, loosening up, etc. that make reading easier; works with graphics, videos and the like to make information an experience Explanations for technical terms are also included. Of course, search engine optimization with content can only succeed if the content is grammatically and spelling-free. The more you focus your offer on the customer, the more likely it will be reflected in key performance indicators.

Meta Title & Meta Data

TIP NO. 6: USE META-DATA SKILL AND OPTIMIZE SNIPPETS Each URL has so-called metadata, consisting of a meta title and a meta description. Here you will find data prepared for Google and readable by the crawlers, which help to better classify the website thematically. Here is the essential information in compact form: meta title What is the purpose of the site, what is it about exactly? This information is presented in a few characters, around 50 to 70 characters. In the Google SERPs, this is the page title, so to speak. meta description Here the content is briefly outlined and described, i.e. the added value that users get from it is specifically named. Search engine optimization - checklists for download - free of charge Please note: Good search engine optimization relies on preparing the corresponding meta tags for any URL. They are used on the SERPs in the form of snippets, i.e. small text excerpts. The more specific you are here and the sooner you understand this as the best advertisement for your content, the better. After all, that's the only information the user has to make a decision: click or keep looking? Just see what's available in each case. It can make sense to supplement the meta data, for example with an author, geodata and Co. - Extended structured data, also known as "rich snippets", make the whole thing easily controllable. Tip: Try to avoid repetition here. It is also important to consider the pixel width, ie limit the whole thing to a number of characters. The most important keyword should also appear equally in the meta tag and meta description. By the way, the SERP Snippet Generator is a free tool on the web that is sure to provide inspiration.

Clean URLS

TIP #7: USE READABLE, EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND URLS We all know URLs in the address bar of the browser that regularly cause headshakes. Here, numbers, special characters and the like are formed into a cryptic structure, which makes it impossible to understand the meaning and meaning of the URL. But this is exactly what helps with search engine optimization, for several reasons. In the professional world we therefore also speak of “speaking URLs”, she help to classify and understand content better, make good content accessible again later to give an insight into the structure of the site, for example through cleverly chosen directory names. Would you like an example? A good URL designed in terms of search engine optimization would be, for example, " ".


TIP NO. 8: DO LINK BUILDING AND IMPROVE THE PAGE STRUCTURE Link building, i.e. the construction of countless suitable, thematically appropriate links between your own website and another website, is part of off- page search engine optimization . The basic idea behind it is: The more backlinks (back references) to your own website, the more the Google ranking can be improved. The trick here: Large websites that are considered trustworthy and relevant give part of their positive image to the site to which the link is made. The crawler takes this into account and uses the link structure as a basis to classify the website better - and in case of doubt to rate it higher than others who do not do comparable link building. Therefore, make sure that you always set references to really meaningful, thematically relevant pages in your content. This not only increases user satisfaction with your offer, but is also rewarded by Google as part of search engine optimization. The algorithm is now so well trained that bad, insufficient backlinks are identified right away.

Avoid Black Hat SEO

TIP NO. 9: BLACKHAT-SEO LEADS TO MASSIVE PENALTIES UP TO INDEX EXCLUSION We all know websites that are perceived as useful at first glance, but actually offer zero added value on closer inspection. We are talking about highly optimized websites that do not convey any real information. They are started with the aim of getting as far up the Google SERPs as possible. The problem with that? Since the “Panda” and “ Penguin ” updates, Google has primarily banned those methods that enabled SERPs to be manipulated, for example through keyword stuffing. In plain language, this means that the position does not “just” drop, but that it is completely excluded from the Google index . It is therefore not only ineffective, but also dangerous to rely on agencies that advertise with black hat SEO. Better forget it now!

Wait For Results

TIP #10: UNDERSTAND TIME AS A FACTOR, NOT A JUDGEMENT Quite a few webmasters are relatively impatient, probably read this list of search heroes and take most of our SEO tips to heart. And yet, after a while, disillusionment comes and the question: "Was that really all?". The answer to that: "Have patience!". It takes a while for Google to re-crawl your site and recognize that a lot has changed qualitatively. Search engine optimization is not a one-way street, but a lengthy process. You should always keep that in mind. The fact is that even the search heroes cannot give you a general answer as to when search engine optimization will also make itself felt in the Google SERPs. Therefore: Wait and stay on course, it will definitely have a positive effect on your ranking.


TIP #11: LOCAL SEO HELPS IMPROVE RANKINGS Locally oriented search engine optimization makes sense when it comes to products and services that can actually be marketed through "face-to-face business". Since its introduction in 2007, Google has increasingly focused on local search queries in order to show users relevant offers as a priority. Local SEO is therefore not only a persistently important SEO trend in 2020, but also a suitable means of asserting oneself in less competitive areas (= keywords). Therefore: Use keywords that are related to the region or city. It can also be helpful to create a separate profile using Google My Business. Experiment a bit here and wait and see how successful it is.


1 How much does SEO cost in Dubai UAE?

How much does SEO cost in Dubai UAE?

The cost of SEO in Dubai UAE depends on various factors such as the size of the website, target audience, and competition level. At Brand AdvoKates, we offer customized SEO packages tailored to your specific business needs. Our SEO pricing starts from AED 3,000 per month.
2How much does it cost to hire an SEO consultant?

How much does it cost to hire an SEO consultant?

The cost of hiring an SEO consultant varies depending on their level of expertise and experience. At Brand AdvoKates, we have a team of experienced SEO consultants who offer customized SEO solutions. Our SEO consultancy services start from AED 1,500.
3Who is the No 1 expert SEO in Dubai?

Who is the No 1 expert SEO in Dubai?

It is difficult to determine the No 1 expert SEO in Dubai as there are many skilled professionals in the field. However, at Brand AdvoKates, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified SEO experts who have a proven track record of delivering successful SEO campaigns for our clients.
4Why do I need Seo Services in Dubai?

Why do I need Seo Services in Dubai?

You need Seo services to rank your website in search engines. Remember, only launching a website will not bring customers for your business. You need to invest in organic or paid traffic to get visibility in search engine.
5Should I hire a Seo Company in Dubai?

Should I hire a Seo Company in Dubai?

Absolutely Yes. SEO is a long-term and an ongoing strategy to generate revenue for your business. Hiring an SEO company in Dubai will help your business to earn more authority and trust in the online sphere.
6 Who is the best SEO freelancer in Dubai?

Who is the best SEO freelancer in Dubai?

There are many talented SEO freelancers in Dubai, but the best one for your business depends on your specific requirements. At Brand AdvoKates, we offer professional SEO services delivered by our in-house team of experts. We believe in a collaborative approach to SEO, working closely with our clients to achieve their desired results.
7Is investing in SEO services really worth it?

Is investing in SEO services really worth it?

Seo is a long-term strategy in which you must remain consistent and trust your Seo partner for the results and return on investment. Seo helps you reach customers who are already looking for your product or service, so the closing rate is higher than the traditional marketing methods.
8What is the cost of SEO in Dubai?

What is the cost of SEO in Dubai?

The cost of an SEO project in Dubai can range from AED 2,500 up to AED 30,000 per month. The SEO costs varies according to the number of keywords, keyword difficulty and the size of the website. We can rank, a) Corporate websites b) Product/service websites c) Ecommerce websites
9How soon can I expect the results for SEO in UAE?

How soon can I expect the results for SEO in UAE?

The results depends upon the competitveness of the keyword. You can expect to see the initial results within three months but over the time you will achieve more rankings and improvement in results.




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