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Why Should You Invest in WordPress Website Development in Pakistan?
April 5, 2018
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How To Win More Clients With Web Designing Services In Pakistan
April 13, 2018

It is pretty common for the businesses to update their website on a frequent basis—These updates can be in the form of updating the product offering, changing an image or graphics, or at times posting the blog content. However, sometime the your website need changes than you think!


An outdated website with poor navigation can piss off any visitor who intend to come to you for business. In such cases, it becomes essential for a business to think about redesigning their website.


Redesigning website can be an overwhelming task on its own. But you need to seriously think for a website redesigning services in Pakistan if you are not catching up with the latest web designing trends across the world.


One of the most common reason for a website redesign in Pakistan is that the old websites are not responsive. Thus, they don’t display the features properly. You need to pinch, zoom and click to navigate through the website. This is something that was done in the past. Now the mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches that is why it is important to redesign a website if,

  • Your logo isn’t responsive
  • Your web images are not adaptive to the screen resolution
  • Your menu doesn’t display properly
  • You need to pinch, zoom and click to navigate the site
  • Your visitors can not navigate through the website easily


See how long does it take your website to load properly?

If you have designed a website for your business 10 years ago then you seriously need to consider a new web designing for your business. The websites that were designed a decade ago can not compete with the speed of today’s CMS such as WordPress which also has lower setup and maintenance cost.

If your site takes too long to load, then you can’t expect potential customers to wait for your website to load. They will simply hit the back button and navigate to another website in the search results.  This way you run the risk of missing out on potential leads and sales.

You can also read the speed optimization case study here in which we helped a client to speed up her blog for better search engine rankings.



Check how your website looks like when it is loaded on different kind of mobile devices such as smartphones, Iphones, Macbook or tablets.

  • Also check if the text on the website is legible?
  • Is it easy for the visitor to to navigate the site on a smaller screen?
  • Is the multimedia on your site is displaying properly?
  • Are the images appearing in correct dimensions?

You can also use this link to see if your website is mobile responsive or not.

Having a mobile-friendly site is becoming significantly important for the website owners. Now people use mobile devices more than desktops to search on internet. You should check your analytics to see the number of mobile users on your website. If it’s a significant percentage then it’s worth website redesigning keeping the mobile users in mind.


  • Does your website bring in potential leads and sales?
  • Is your website helping you to achieve your business goals?

If the answer to both of the questions is “No,” then it is the right time to consider for a website redesign in Pakistan that helps you to get more exposure and quantifiable results. With a well optimized and user friendly website you can attract more customers online.



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