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May 9, 2018
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Restaurant business is one of the most lucrative business around the globe. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that is rapidly growing across the world. We have developed this simple guide for anyone who is looking to learn how to start a restaurant in Pakistan. You might have a unique concept, but you would need to hire a digital marketing agency in Pakistan to get better return on your investment. Let’s see how you can start a restaurant in Pakistan.


Learn how to start a restaurant in Pakistan

To start a restaurant in Pakistan, the fundamental need is to set up a restaurant that targets the right audience for your business.

When an individual visit a restaurant for dining, he is not just paying for the food. He looks for an ambiance, quality of service and an experience that is worth the money he spends. When starting a restaurant in Pakistan, you have to keep this in mind that the food and quality of service is either going to make you or break you.

But then what should you do?

You can’t expect to charge insane prices to your customers for a single cup of coffee. However, you can charge them the price you want if you ensure that your digital marketing strategy delivers the message aptly that you are charging premium prices because you are using premium coffee beans. This high-end pricing strategy helps to set your brand as an upper-end brand that source ingredients from premium resources thus, offering an unparalleled and unique dining experience.


How much investment needed to start a restaurant in Pakistan?

A restaurant can get started from an investment of anywhere around ten lac rupees and may even need more than five crore rupees in investment. This investment depends upon the location, expenses, staff and number of cuisines you are interested to offer.

But wait!

If you lack the investment, then you can set up your restaurant business in partnership or take a franchise. For this reason, you may also need to hire a legal adviser who can assist you in obtaining registration and license to open up a hotel or restaurant. He can also help you in registering the ownership deed and drafting contract of employment. He can draft the contracts under the best possible tax structures so you can maximize your profits legally.


What is the cost of opening a restaurant in Pakistan?

The cost of opening a restaurant in Pakistan varies from city to city. The property, rent and expenses in metropolitan cities such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are higher as compared to other part of the country.

The cost of opening a restaurant in Pakistan also includes,

  • Renovation
  • Restaurant’s kitchen supplies
  • Furniture
  • Utensils
  • Rent
  • Overhead charges
  • Staff salaries
  • License fee or  government charges etc.

Another aspect that one should take into consideration is the annual increment in property.


How to register a restaurant in Pakistan?

You need to follow a detailed process to register a restaurant in Pakistan. However, some of the steps that you should consider for registering a restaurant in Pakistan are mentioned below.

  • For registration of a restaurant, the owner of the restaurant is required to be conventional to the standard of health, hygiene, comfort, medical certificates of staffs in good health.
  • The building must be structurally safe and should be in accordance with law.
  • After getting registered, the restaurant owner is required to obtain a license from the controller. Generally, the restaurant registration and license is issued simultaneously.
  • A license granted to the restaurant remains in force for a period of one year. Keep this in mind that the license is renewable every year and government fee has to be submitted upon renewing the restaurant license.


How to use digital marketing services to grow your restaurant business?

The social media has a great potential to attract the right audience for your business. It has the potential to target the people who are actually looking for a business like you.

Did you know?

Facebook marketing allows you to reach people who are looking for a restaurant to get a delivery, book an event or to simply dine out. The best part is that you can start spreading the news about your new restaurant before even it is launched.

You can keep up the momentum by starting a Facebook campaign that let people engage with your restaurant through Facebook contests and engaging content.

You can also engage with the audience on a personal level through post sharing and commenting. There are multitude ways to engage with your audience through a well-developed coherent digital marketing services campaign designed by a professional digital marketing company in Pakistan.


How to boost your restaurant business online?

Apart from social media campaigns, you can also develop a website to boost your restaurant visibility online.

Search engine results plays an important role in consumer’s decision making process. If your website is appearing in search results when people search best restaurants in Pakistan, think the way your brand will be perceived by thousands of people in your country. This can be achieved through hiring the services of an SEO expert in Pakistan.

If you already own a restaurant,

And invested and did web designing in Lahore for your restaurant, it doesn’t matter how your restaurant website has performed in search engines till now. There are always opportunities to improve your website performance in search engines.

An improved search engine visibility will drive more customers into your restaurant. A fully functional and user-friendly website will persuade people to place order online and enjoy a hassle free and optimum experience.



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